Design your Ikigai

Your brain is like a computer, so make sure you are the only one programming it.

And, to do so it is very important firstly to understand it’s pattern.

What is Genetic Brain Profiling?

Genetic Brain Profiling is a concept based on the “Dermatoglyphic,” by using Your fingerprints, you can Discover your Ikigai.


Why use Genetic Brain Profiling?

How do you drive to an unknown destination?

You either use GPS or ask people for directions.

Similarly, for our life and the future is not well known to us. Genetic Brain Profile is the GPS system, which will accurately guide you to your destination.

What all Genetic Brain Profiling can do for you?

GBP can accurately identify various factors about an individual

  • Attitude

  • Attitude

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Career Cluster

  • Career Preference

  • Personality

  • Learning Patterns

  • Thinking Style

  • Parenting Techniques

  • Personality Type

  • Subject preference

  • Education Curriculum

  • Kids particularly

  • How a child prefer to learn?

  • Memory

  • Thinking orientation,etc,.

Genetic Brain Profiling is for whom?

Genetic Brain Profiling can be used for any individual from the age of 4 years and above. The best part is – this gives us the most accurate information about an individual, which most of the time, even the person is not aware of that. In simple words, for an adult, it helps us to understand “Why am I like this”? For kids, what is the best way to understand the kid, their learning potential, what subject should they choose, and so on!

What Genetic Brain Profiling can do for you?

It cannot predict the future.

It cannot predict how long we shall be alive or what is going to happen tomorrow.

 Yes, it can surely enable you to know your potential and capabilities so that you can use Your potential in the right way to live a spectacular, joyful and empowered life both personally and professionally.

Life Coaching using Genetic Brain Profiling

GBP, is the 1st step towards creating a spectacular living for you.

My role in this is to guide you and walk you through this journey  seamlessly towards Your Empowered and Happier living. As your mentor, I take the responsibility that you understand and experience the purpose of your life, map your goals and of course, Achieve all the goals.

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