Learning Games 101 for Trainers


Like It Or Not, The Age Of Entertainment In Which We Live Demands That Classroom Trainers Must Work Hard To Capture And Hold The Interest Of Participants. If We Don’t, We Run The Risk Of Being Passed By In Favor Of “Sexier” Learning Methods, Such As High-Tech Computer- Or Video-Based Training.

Fortunately, Trainers Have Long Known That One Of The Best Ways To Entertain And Engage Adult Learners Is To Encourage Them To Play Games In The Classroom.

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Like it or not, the age of entertainment in which we live demands that classroom trainers must work hard to capture and hold the interest of participants. If we don’t, we run the risk of being passed by in favor of “sexier” learning methods, such as high-tech computer- or video-based training.

Fortunately, trainers have long known that one of the best ways to entertain and engage adult learners is to encourage them to play games in the classroom.

And one advantage we have over any of the high-tech mediums that are capturing the attention of “cyber-trainees” is that we’re able to adapt the courses and the games we offer to match precisely the needs of our audience.

We can assess participants, decide what kind of exercise is appropriate (and when it’s appropriate), and use games that will ensure that trainees are entertained… and course material is retained. That’s where 101 More Games for Trainers comes in.

Carefully selected and properly implemented, the exercises in this new volume (a companion to the earlier 101 Games for Trainers) can help you actively involve trainees in course openers, bring a weary group back to life, develop communication skills, promote teamwork, lead an audience through a spirited review session, or address the special concerns of certain topical courses.

A brief description of its purpose is provided with each exercise, as well as a reference for the amount of time the exercise will take, the ideal group size for the exercise, and a checklist of the materials you’ll need to make the exercise happen. you know they’ve been successful “field-tested” all over the world by trainers just like you.


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